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The snowball gathers its flakes one by one,
Allegiant forces can be harder undone,
A mesh of sleet is all that shall become.

Parting gravity is our utmost fight,

One which provokes an enduring delight,

A shimmering sparkle against the arctic air,

Can a snowflake ever guest appear?

Dissect its ends with a Spartan’s spear?

Or does it become the one that tried,

Crucified and simply tossed aside.

I can see the future now,
Snowball I have made my decision you cow.
what does the snowball mean to you?
Are you a dry flake or part of wet sleet?
BlueSilverUU Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2009
I think I've been both a dry flake and a part of wet sleet. (Even though I'm not sure what that means.)
dAWriterStrike Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2009
haha nice, i like the ending :) I'll add it to the faves!

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