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I adore the war in your words,
I seek the alliteration,
Clusters of spectacles,
While you sit there wasting.
An image painted with a translucent touch,
Movement in a dimension I can never muck,
Yet the mosaic of your life comes only in black and white,
A hint of grey-scale, then out goes the lantern light.
You are poor in physical dimension,
But rich in mental dilation,
As you carry this burden you are offered no solace,
A troubled writer just finding his place,
I am just assembling the facts but there is no case,
This unseen talent will be a statue,
:icongodalavita:godalavita 1 0
A martyr of matter
My mind,
A quench for thought crafts a dryness that dissolves over a day,
The demand hides in plain sight,
But I still try to keep it at a bay,
The curse of free will obtrudes my belongings,
Feeling mugged with everything at my side,
What will I gain from it?
A puzzle without a tactic,
I feel Confusion in Confucius,
Faith becoming religulous,
Age coming from protracted abortion,
Destruction carrying pressurised suction,
It's a matter of mind,
We all have a play.
:icongodalavita:godalavita 1 3
Kanye's Mind.. .
I aint no scientist
So Im not gonna stretch this
With any emphasis
But what is mycosis?
It sounds so ferocious
Like I better be cautious
But the feeling too nauseous
Trapped in a metamorphosis
They call me Dr. Atrocious!
Man, they all loafers
I'm such a boaster
Y'all coasters
Acting all Hollywood posters
I'm all about..
Iraqi soldiers!
Blowing out bombs
While you nuns gettin  number ones
They asking
Man whats wrong?
Dude this look like a song?
I aint got a story to tell
Just a tale from hell
Cos that's where Im at
That's how I rap
They devil's on my earlobe whispering
What's that?
Nah I aint a rat
I'm just an English prat
In need of  cataract
Living on crack
Begging for a new contract
Representing the single sickle cell syllable
Hearing kids singing
Why ye'  chat so gay?
Im now in a land
In need of hearty nourishment
Biscuits are a punishment
I not got a front
Was dyslexic from the start
Now masking the irrelevant
My mind's so full of fun
:icongodalavita:godalavita 0 0
Let's escape this inception,
Find our own direction,
It's interference versus natural selection,
With the arrangement resembling an infection,
Some may hide through deflection,
Some stand for election,
All are run by atoned affection.
We are encapsulated by this correction,
Covertly fighting for detection,
Bridging traction through linear-interpolation,
Hoping to create crashing waves of adoration,
Gasping for the correct equation,
Rarely finding the elation,
Instead we travel a malignant path to unify ourselves in a foreign nation.
:icongodalavita:godalavita 1 4
A name like so many,
But one of a kind,
A kindred spirit,
Yet a converging message they find.
An abundant loss for many,
Scarce gain to a few,
The power remains on the passenger side,
Everything else is subdue,
Twas purely a curtain call,
Shouting for you.
There is no encore,
Just a disappearing act,
They remain mystified,
Scrambling over fact over fact.
This still seems so fictitious,
Like a terrified knight's tale,
They sigh,
Now five years to the day,
Never will they be short of a cry.
Be kind Vinder.
Let the wicked weather be swept aside,
They still have countless days,
Albeit with a dented pride.
:icongodalavita:godalavita 1 2
Dark Prophet
I feel the need for complexity,
Simplicity is encircled in weakness to me,
I will write this damning self-prophesising anthology,
Without being tamed by the terrified id in me,
You have lost all life now let the super reside,
For it is he who is in power,
That has the right to devour,
I am God,
I am the saviour, the malevolent, and the sinner,
Witness my behaviour as I cry tears of a victor,
My light is so indistinct that it eludes most senses,
The darkness will prelude all human defences,
I feel nothing but despise,
Find the truth in my eyes,
I am a prophet,
Make of it as you want.
:icongodalavita:godalavita 0 6
Non ame
All I ever want is to break free,
I have a life waiting out there for me,
My disillusion is mere devolution,
It's my time to shine,
For I have little time to claim what is mine,
My selfish tracks will support many acts,
But with the circus you'll all fade,
Go home and leave this renegade.
My eye is always on the prize,
You'll be mine,
I have seen many times that same sign,
A compass with no arrow,
A traitor with no allegiance,
A stopwatch without the stop,
I cannot believe this,
It is ticking,
I am brittle now,
I am thinking,
Is it all over now?
:icongodalavita:godalavita 0 0
His death came in 96'.
He was a rolling stone crack baker,
His life repeatedly raped as the sentences passed by,
Lifting child hood memories that could make the Brooklyn streets seem shy,
The Friday beatings were to perfect an inmate's Sunday golf drive,
His colour often changed,
He stood at neither side of the racial divide,
A loner in all his years,
He learns he was mistaken,
But stays away of being eternally forsaken,
Cometh last September breeze he could finally awaken,
Open his eyes,
He has now no disguise,
Not anymore a cocky Caucasian,
It's poetic irony he carries the name of the son,
Tested and crucified,
He often laughs before he cries,
One more day is bliss,
He can now make it what he wants of this.
:icongodalavita:godalavita 1 0
His eyes are round and swollen,
Almost elongated,
Has been many a year that the fire has all but faded,
Emotion is strife but only for him to see,
A life just living to end at a plea,
A bargain that cannot be reckoned,
For he has not the strength to succumb,
A hope in a wish,
That is all that he can fare.
Once she came by his side in prayer,
For just the heat made it all clear,
A resounding clause to his expired contract,
A recurring ring rising to a rhetoric question,
An euphoria which made it again all well,
Enlightened by the glistening sprinkles of sparkling spell.
A soft surge in his eyes,
Before his almighty blows out the night sky,
Are they together all fair and well?
The mystery of passing is but an end of misery for him as far as we may foretell.
:icongodalavita:godalavita 0 4
The Snowball
The snowball gathers its flakes one by one,
Allegiant forces can be harder undone,
A mesh of sleet is all that shall become.
Parting gravity is our utmost fight,
One which provokes an enduring delight,
A shimmering sparkle against the arctic air,
Can a snowflake ever guest appear?
Dissect its ends with a Spartan’s spear?
Or does it become the one that tried,
Crucified and simply tossed aside.
I can see the future now,
Snowball I have made my decision you cow.
:icongodalavita:godalavita 1 2
short but bitter
A mask is worn by a classic clown,
Hiding the lacerations far deep down,
A man awakes with the frail purity of a boy,
A girl is startled by her elongating shadow,
She slams her eyes.
A teacher screams away his fear,
Humanity has come along but is still far from near.
:icongodalavita:godalavita 2 1
The number is merely a fraction of your time spent on this earth,
On this day, vivid memories are given rebirth,
Time and time again you remerge,
A paranormal thought,
In a simple prayer,
You are envisaged from afar,
But we are missing those shadows, smiles and smells.
I hope you can see us all for what we are today,
There is a blanket of comfort,
Knowing you are serving at the checkout,
But a splinter of sharp doubt,
What If I don’t see you about?
These words flow so well,
But the feeling inside is torn and shredded letting out a whimper of hell,
You have taught me more in passing by,
Than a thousand have with the wind dragging them by,
But would I give anything to forfeit the self depreciating pain?
I would at least set you free from this wooden frame.
There is one ideology that I will always retain,
Knowing that this right here,
It is all in your name.
:icongodalavita:godalavita 1 2
The Natural
Floundering frivolously amongst the flourishing speckles of those brittle flakes,
Time stands still and I finally hear the bullish bearing of the wind,
That gentle noise translucent in colour,
The bark of the trees simmers with the out-shadowing glee of the sunshine,
This is truly a great time to rejoice I say,
With it comes a condensed sparkle in the powdered reverberation that I spray,
Like the layered seasons that transcend thoughout,
I am changing ever so slowly I can remain in no doubt,
Let nature take me by its side and we shall moralise one another,
There is no greater gift to receive from this mother.
:icongodalavita:godalavita 0 3
That time of night that has finally arrived,
I lay in bed an hour passes away,
Internal blinking is as fast at night as that in the day,
A stream of thoughts with no buffering sound,
With a sense of solace approaches this next thought cloud.
:icongodalavita:godalavita 0 0
Straight Talk
I’m going to say this straight unlike any of my past prose,
You have to be a deep thinker to get through life’s woes,
What did you think would happen playing with fire in this cold weather?
Suddenly your life will brighten and you could feel again?
Whatever you seek, you will find it if you look hard enough at your reflection,
Just don’t create a whirlwind of disillusion and ask to bail you out,
Your life is your own I do not question no doubt,
But let it be what it is and make those ’good’ changes,
The audacity of hope gives rise to your answers,
The cowardice of depression just becomes another obsession,
One that we can all do without,
This is just another thing you can start to think about.
Take things in a stride,
And don’t run too quick,
And if you want to light another fire,
This time try using a candlestick.
:icongodalavita:godalavita 0 1
A Winner's Voice
Winning is everything,
Those that think not have lost too many times,
We are not the ones committing crimes,
Just take a pinch of salt from this text and sprinkle it all over,
The bitter taste will always dissolve give it time,
Please don’t let your Id rule your mind.
We are in tough times.
We are all going to die,
But is that an excuse to constantly cry?
The battle commenced the day you were born,
Now put down your shield and find yourself a thorn.
It will sting you no doubt,
But also its endeavour is to protect,
Can this loser become winner?
It’s time to take your bet.
:icongodalavita:godalavita 0 0



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